Friday, August 26, 2011

My PURPLE Cricut Imagine!

Drum is a PURPLE Cricut Imagine!

I finally decided to buy the Cricut Imagine. I was on the fence about it for a while. But then I was thinking when I start back making goody bags for my kids class and I'm talking about 65 bags, it would be nice to have the Imagine to cut one complete image and smack it down on the bags base. When I used my Expression to do it, it took forever to layer 65 images together.

I painted the Imagine by prepping the plastic first with some Clear Primer spray paint by Valspar for plastic. I was then able to use any spray paint and I chose a BEAUTIFUL shade a lavender purple by Krylon called Gum Drops. I AM IN LOVE WITH HOW IT LOOKS NOW.


KimberlyO said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for posting this. I was torn between buying the end caps or attempting to do this myself. (I did just buy some great spray paint, but I see that I should get that plastic primer too.)

karen jarvis said...

Thanks so much for sharing your idea.

Anonymous said...

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